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Manaslu Base Camp

Since several months your mind is focused on your goal. There is however one thought that keeps you awake. What are you gonna do during these long hours of waiting, once you have reached Base Camp?

Life at Base Camp, when you go on expedition for a summit above 7000 meters is a particular moment of your life. One learns the meaning of the word patience. The daily organisation is rhythmed according to the weather and the acclimatisation process. But mainly, by the three principal meals prepared by the Cook. Meanwhile, they are the small personal duties: the toilets, the inside order of your tent, the right timing for drying your clothes, the proper things to take with you for the next rotations in the high camps and last but not least, if the weather conditions allow it, the attempt of taking a shower or even wash your hair!

Some are spending time by visiting other expedition teams. The discussions about the mountain, the weather and the personal experiences are sometimes vivid. With the time, the mix of nationalities and differences of levels or conception of mountaineering make the atmosphere special. The goal is the same for everyone, the way to reach it is different for each of us.

Some days, the sun is present, you feel yourself in a perfect shape and nothing can stop your optimism. On other days, the simple fact to get up, to listen to the rain drops running down your tent, to go to the toilets breathing deeply, or to hear that the weather forecasts would not improve for the next days, time seems longer…

Anyway, you learn to be patient, stay positive, not to get sick and to eat well in order to be ready for the Summit push!

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS offers in 2020 real Himalayan experiences on Cho Oyu, Manaslu and Ama Dablam. With an appropriate preparation and a little bit of chance, nothing is impossible!

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