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The same philosophy between WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS Switzerland and WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS Nepal

Most foreign outdoor agencies have to collaborate with a local company based in Nepal to operate their travel and adventure trips. In numerous cases, we have seen clashes between the foreign agency and the local company due to different price deals, philosophy, and mindset. This is especially problematic when it comes to last moment changes in logistics, services, or in emergency situations, where rapid decisions are necessary.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS Switzerland and WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS Nepal stand for the same company philosophy: Small Groups, High Quality, and Personalised Services. Last but not least, the well-being of our guests is always the primary objective of both companies. We thus appreciate any decision taken during the trip in favour of our guests!

Expertise of the founders and the 

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ founders Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann & Norbu Sherpa have both climbed Mount Everest and numerous other 8000-meter peaks around the Himalayas. Besides climbing, they are active trekkers and have explored many parts of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim, Pakistan and the Alps.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS thus reflects the perfect combination between Andrea’s Swiss quality focus, and her husband Norbu’s 18 years of experience, as well as his numerous local contacts, to be part of the company’s most significant assets. Thanks as well to Norbu’s roots, and Andrea’s curiosity about the traditions and culture of the local populations, each journey is a unique experience in itself!


Small Groups

What is the experience like?

Being part of large groups can be fun and a big challenge not only for the tour operator but also for the participants themselves. Imagine yourself in a group of more than 8 to 15 members in a challenging environment. Some days you have to struggle not only physically, but it might become a mental challenge too. There are enhanced risks of misunderstandings, which might make the dream journey turn into a nightmare.

How it should be:

We believe that a holiday has to be a holiday: no worries, no ego, no rush. Let’s live a unique experience. Dream, Explore, and Discover!

Throughout our extensive experience organizing expeditions and treks, we found that the core of a successful trip lies in having small groups. Our motto: 4 to 6 participants for better understanding, collaboration, and flexibility. You thoroughly enjoy your holiday, and the local team feels more connected and devoted to the entire group. Real Team Spirit grows day-by-day among the participants and our WILD YAK Team.


Guidance on preparing your trip

Instead of standard travel packages without proper advice or information, apart from general information about what is included in the package price, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS will provide you with all the necessary information and sound advice for the optimal preparation of your stay.

For this reason, we believe that your journey begins with excellent preparation. We will cater to your needs based on our experience, providing you with regular advice and tips, including recommended training schedules. Whether by Skype or other means, Andrea and Norbu are happy to address all of your queries personally.

In addition, depending on the kind of customized trip, the group size, and your availabilities, Andrea and Norbu can set up workshops and pre-departure meetings (in Switzerland in person or remotely). We provide you with specific guidance about physical and technical training, taking into account your own experience and requirements. Once in Kathmandu, we meet for a final check of your equipment and a briefing.


Expensive Gear

Every adventure in the Himalayas has hidden costs. Your dream is to climb at a high altitude? The equipment necessary to do so is very particular, and the costs of acquisition can touch the sky. In reality, a significant amount of equipment is necessary for addition to your personal gear and the cost of your journey. However, you might never again need or use some of this gear.

To minimize your Himalaya journey’s expenses, we offer such expensive equipment for rent to our guests at a very reasonable price. We offer expedition boots, down-suits, warm down jackets, and other climbing materials, for example. Thanks to our expertise, we provide the renting of only high-quality equipment.


High quality services,
private transport and no hidden costs

Is the description of the Trip that you are interested is complete? In particular, does the information about the accommodation, the local staff, and the on-site logistics correspond to the price details? Do you think that the information provided is clear enough to book your trip?

We are committed to our standards of high quality and fairness with the services we provide to you. We focus on superior services, private transportation, and of course on our skillful Guide and Sherpa Team. Last but not least, no hidden costs.


Giving back to the local community

After the death of 14 climbing Sherpas at Everest in 2014, Andrea and Norbu established the non-profit organization “The Butterfly Help Project” (“BHP”) to support the climbing Sherpa community. Besides, Norbu and Andrea experienced the epicenter of the 2015-earthquake that massively affected some of Nepal’s regions. Through their organization, they started to build new schools. Up to now, they could build two schools, Shree Janajyoti Secondary School and Shree Palep Primary School, in Nepal for more than 500 children. And the Third School is under construction in the south of Nepal. Andrea and Norbu’s social responsibility is going further through BHP; they also support the schooling of five Sherpa Kids in the Everest Region, four in the Kanchenjunga region, and 2 in Kathmandu. BHP is also helping preserve the precious Sherpa culture of Ghunsa village by appointing a cultural teacher in the School. Last but not least, to encourage the kids and the aforementioned schools, Andrea and Norbu Sherpa are providing benches, school equipment, clothes, stationery, and cultural equipment.

The seeds of the next project regarding an Apple Plantation in Norbu’s region of birth are growing.


The Wild Yak Team

The WILD YAK Team members are carefully selected according to their expertise in a particular environment and individual aptitudes. Our Team is thus highly experienced, qualified, courteous, and supportive.

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