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FAQ Bhutan

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What is the best season to visit Bhutan?

Bhutan’s climate varies greatly depending on elevation – from the warm, subtropics of the south to the cool, permanent snow-covered Himalayas.

Spring and Autumn are the most popular time to visit Bhutan.

Spring (March to May): is usually cloudier with some rain, however the wildlife and flowers are at their most vivid.

Monsoon (Mi-June to early September): the monsoon season is not highly recommended for travel.

Autumn (September to November): is a great season to visit with the best mountain views and mild weather.

Winter (December to February): the temperatures can reach below freezing, though the day time temperatures are usually mild with clear skies. Snowfall is minimal.

Which kind of activities can I do in Bhutan ?

One of the principal outdoor activity to enjoy during your stay in Bhutan is trekking in the wilderness of the harmonious landscape.

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