Alpine Experiences

A first step to the Himalaya

A splendid Nature, a history of several thousand years, an identity like no other: the Alps.

Are you dreaming of a new experience? Climbing a 4000-metre high peak, enjoying a meal at a timeless bivouac or admiring the high peaks on a journey of several days’ walking. Or maybe catch the best pictures from your journey to the Alps? And why not discover ski touring with full confidence?

If you want to spend some time in the mountains, with sole worry to enjoy the present moment then discover this true natural gem with WILD Yak. Whether in Switzerland, France or Italy, WILD Yak will take you off the beaten track.

Discover our different experiences of Alpine climbing, ski touring, hiking, yoga, photography workshop or get ready for your first step in the Himalaya on an expedition-trekking workshop. And don’t hesitate to contact us to discover unique experiences in the heart of winter! We are happy to advise you by email or phone.

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