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What is the best season to visit Nepal ?

Nepal can be visited the whole year round but depends on the type of outdoor activities and trekking regions you have chosen.

In Spring (March to May): the weather conditions are pleasant with blossoming flora. It is thus the best time to admire the blooming rhododendrons, Nepal’s national flower. In the altitude, there might be some left over snow in some regions. It is the best time to climb Mount Everest and ideal for trekking or other activities.

In Summer or monsoon (June to August): i.e. the rainy season. It is not favorable for trekking. However, some parts of Nepal are suitable for traveling at that time like Mustang, Dolpo, or some places in Manang District which falls behind the rain-shadow. Domestic flight connections might sometimes be on-hold due to the heavy rains. However, the advantage is that you will encounter less people on the trails.

In Autumn (mid-September to November): it is the time of clear sky, trekking, climbing 8000 peaks, and other adventure sports. This period is with spring season Nepal’s high season.

In Winter (December to February): the cold is compensated by the bright sun and brilliant views. It is thus also worth to come for example for a cultural tour to Nepal.

What can be the temperatures ?

In Nepal, the temperature varies as per the altitude. Nepal can be divided into three main geographical regions: Terai, Hills and the Himalayas.

The Terai region below 2500 meters, is hot and humid throughout the year, except during the winters. During summer the temperature may rise as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in winter is about 15 degrees Celsius, but drops even lower at night.

The so-called “hilly region” above 2500 meters and Valley of Kathmandu fall under temperate regions. The temperature can range from close to zero degree Celsius during winter to 30 degrees in mid-July.

In the Himalayas, above 3500 meters to 8848 meters, the temperatures easily drop below zero in the winter time. During the trekking seasons (spring and autumn), we have to keep in mind that a general average drop of 6°C occurs for every 1000 meters gain in altitude. At these seasons, the daily temperatures can be mild but cold during the night. A proper equipment is thus essential.

Which kind of activities can I do in Nepal ?

Nepal is a paradise for the adventure lovers. Whether you want to experience a personal challenge by climbing high mountains, or like to have a relaxing experience by practicing yoga or meditation, Nepal is the place to be.

Besides trekking and mountaineering, Nepal offers you endless possibilities of experiences such as: jungle Safari, river rafting and canoeing, deep gorge kayaking, mountain biking, motorbike tour, paragliding or sky-diving, mountain flights or Everest helicopter tour and last but not least, ski adventures.

Due to its immense diversity of landscape, Nepal is the best place for a customized trip according to your interests, time and chosen activity. Whether you are a novice trekker or an expert, you want to start at 60 meters or be at 8848 meters, go for a Trek for three days or for three months there is thus always a place for a unique experience.

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