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The best time to visit Nepal for Trekking: A season-by-season guide

Nepal, the land of never-ending trek has its highs and lows (literally). Jaw-dropping landscapes, lush green forests, friendly locals, snow-capped peaks, diverse culture, and the list goes on and on. That’s what makes Nepal a popular destination for trekking or let’s just say, a trekker’s paradise. But trekking in Nepal is not always a walk in the park. You know, right?  It can be rough and tough. However, the rewards of reaching at the top make all the effort worthwhile. And the best part, trekking in Nepal is open throughout the year. But remember, the best time to visit Nepal depends on the season. So it is highly recommended for you to go through a season-by-season guide to determine the best time to visit Nepal while planning a trekking trip in Nepal. Let’s get started. 

Winter (December-February)

Winter in Nepal is no joke, especially at higher altitudes! But, don’t let the cold scare you away. The utmost fun lies here. If you are looking for quieter trails and scenic winter escape, it can be a good time to visit Nepal. December is the best month to go trekking during winter. Skies are clear and you will not miss the stunning views of the mountains and the himalayas.

During the rest of the winter season, when snowfall is maximum, routes may be closed due to slippery trails.  Also, the temperature is always low in the mountains, and the brisk winter wind makes it even worse. So make sure to have proper gear to keep you warm and comfortable and keep an eye out for altitude sickness.  Safety first, peeps! 

But the rewards of winter trek is like the saying, “it’s so worth it!” Popular treks during this season include Gosainkunda Trek, Mardi Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and the Langtang Trek. So, what are you waiting for? 

Spring (March-May) 

Spring brings vibrancy and vibe. And that’s just as true  in the mountains of Nepal, as it is anywhere else. The flowers are blooming wide and happy, the weather is mild and dry, the sun looks bright and the landscapes look crystal clear. It’s no wonder that people in Nepal love spring, especially after a long, cold winter. 

If you are thinking of trekking in Spring, there are few things to keep in mind. While the temperature in lower elevations is usually warm and comfortable during the day, it can still get quite chilly at night. So, make sure to have extra gears and clothes for your own comfort and safety. And as you climb towards the summit, the temperature will drop even more. So, be prepared! 

Popular treks during this season include the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the Upper Mustang Trek, and the Everest Base Camp Trek. With the right gear and sense of adventure, trekking during spring can be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life in the stunning lap of the Himalayas. 

Summer (June-August) 

Even though it’s summer, mountains are never too hot. The temperature usually remains mild and pleasant. So, you won’t have any issues with the temperature. That being said, it  should be noted that the monsoon falls under summer in Nepal. This is a time of heavy rainfall and high humidity. In such situations, roads can be slippery and muddy and there can be leeches in the lower lands. Hence, it’s always a good idea to be careful of the situation and prepare accordingly. 

Despite these, trekking in summer also has its own unique perks. It is the best time for festivals and cultural activities. The traditional farming practices give you a chance to experience the local culture and tradition firsthand. Similarly, there are less people on the trail making it the best time for someone who loves to trek in smaller groups.

If you are planning to trek this summer, explore the rain shadow areas of Upper Mustang and Dolpo which is a perfect destination to trek in summer. 

Fall (September- November)

Ah, fall in Nepal! There’s really nothing quite like it. The season is characterized by clear skies, moderate temperatures, and excellent visibility of mountains. For those who love high-altitude treks, fall is the best time to trek. The weather will be stable with little to no rainfall. 

Fall is also a great time to explore the culture and traditions of locals. The country celebrates major festivals such as Dashain and Tihar. Everest Base camp, Annapurna circuit, Langtang Himal etc. are the best treks in this season. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore the beautiful trails of Nepal in the beauty and magic of the fall. 

So, every season has its own sets of perks and challenges. If you are a first time trekker, it’s advisable to go with proper planning and preparation. Stick to a comfortable route. If you are an experienced trekker, you can choose the month based on your preferences and trekking goals. 

And don’t forget, when it comes to trekking and adventure in Nepal, Wild Yak Expeditions, the best trekking company in Nepal, has got your back. We are here to help you out with all your trekking needs, so you can focus on enjoying the great outdoors and having an unforgettable adventure. So what are you waiting for? Trails in Nepal await you. Make some memories that will last a lifetime.  

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