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HIMLUNG HIMAL summited besides all the challenges.

WILD YAK 2021 HIMLUNG EXPEDITION has been quite challenging since the beginning. The story begins way back in August 2021.

Until the first week of September, nobody confirmed 100% if the Expedition permit would be issued or not. Finally, with lots of doubt and curiosity, Nepal opened for Tourism on 1st week of September 2021. However, with strict regulations for Covid, which were eased for the fully vaccinated climbers who booked for Expeditions.

WILD YAK 2021 Manaslu Expedition went very well after the early rush for the setting of the Base Camp. The weather was very favorable to climbers besides some clouds and little precipitation. Wind always remained below 40 kilometers per hour in the mountain, and during the summit week, it was less than 20 kilometers at 8000 meters.
In the case of our Himlung Himal expedition, the weather was not as good as for Manaslu expedition.

At the beginning of the trek to Himlung Base Camp, Nepal was affected by a cyclone from the Indian Ocean, which caused lots of casualties. Many houses were destroyed by landslides and floods. Luckily the WILD YAK Team made it to Base Camp beside all the rain and landslides.

The second challenge occurred when opening the track in the Mountain because of the snow accumulation due to the cyclone. Besides all the struggles the Team could finish its acclimatization rotation to the higher camps, but then the wind became stronger in the mountain. The WILD YAK Team was supposed to make it to the summit on 1 November 2021, but our weather man warned us of wind. So, our Team decided to change its initial plans and to make it to the summit on 5 November 2021, even though the wind was not dropping so much. But the WILD YAK Team summited and came safely back to Base Camp.


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