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7 Trekking Benefits You Need to Know

As from my Himalaya experiences working as a trekking guide and successfully ascending Mt. Everest seven times and numerous other 8000 meter peaks, I believe that everybody should go trekking at least once a year. I take trekking not only to hike and take pictures but as an opportunity to gain an immense source of inspiration and learning. Trekking Benefits are so vast and worthy if one follows some small tips and tactics. Here are 7 trekking benefits you must know.

1. Happiness
Trekking benefits

As the word HOLIDAY comes into our minds, our excitement level automatically starts to increase. Secondly, when we book a flight, such feeling of going for a holiday brings positivity to our daily routine. This positivity gives an extraordinary impetus to carefully and productively pursue our daily works before embarking on the Journey.
As you have dedicated your time to family and friends, now is an opportunity to spend quality time for yourself. To take a break and enjoy the holiday from your hectic work and urban lifestyle will be a liberating experience. And it is a worthwhile self-incentive too for all the hard works you have done so far, and experience the sense of satisfaction and blissfulness.
Scientific research shows, outdoor activities like hiking and trekking have a result-oriented therapeutic effect. It can help people over depression (including severe depression), apart from such activities’ physical benefits. Trekking can also enhance creative imagination and help lead a more active social life for those who have been socially aloof. Eventually, these experiences help an individual strengthen one’s social bonding and relationship, resulting in a happy life.

lodge trek Everest
2. Fitness
lodge trek Everest

Once you book your trekking trip to the
Himalaya, your subconscious mind starts to remind you about the altitude, the high mountains, the walking distances, and challenges to overcome. But your conscious mind starts to make pre-training planning, and your body begins taking action that brings benefits of building your stamina and muscles before they embark.
Trekking between 4 to 6 hours a day burns many calories while drinking lots of water helps purify the overall body.
It is also useful for building up your legs and core strength, boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Good sleep after physical exercise is another way of rejuvenating your body and mind and increase the serotonin level (happiness and dopamine cells).

3. Learning

Trekking is about walking for hours, but one can learn if one can consciously observe the environment and community around oneself.

Meeting new people along trails, walking together with people of entirely different backgrounds will teach us how to cooperate with the team, act, and respond. Different cultures, traditions, or practices may be interesting for using and adapting in your personal life.
The most important thing is to understand how humans can be happy by only having the basics needs. Trekking in remote places can teach us what is paramount in our lives and which are not.
Experiencing the local’s life just for a short time may finally clarify what corresponds to the real value in one’s life.

4. Motivation

Humans need the motivation to stay fit, perform better and be active. Trekking in the Himalayas, the word HIMALAYA itself is a magnetic motivator overall. Once you are sure of your departure, you start sketching your training plan, and some might even quit smoking or drinking to be conscious of your health before going to the Himalayas. You begin to become a better planner, live a disciplined life with full consciousness. By walking several hours a day, you feel proud of your endurance, which boosts your confidence and makes you prepare for the next height and challenge.
You can then apply the same technique in your regular life once getting back home. Planning every day and executing with discipline and hard work can conquer your everyday high mountains, like conquering Mt. Everest.

5. Wellbeing

Trekking is a form of meditation by which you can focus consciously on each step and feel the ground’s touch. Breathing the fresh air and feeling calm and peaceful mountainous scenery and diverse landscape will rejuvenate your inner soul. Beautiful Panorama and feeling of loss in nature enhance our mind and soul so ultimately.
Away from all the social media, hustling and bustling lifestyle, television, and world news, this silence bliss experienced by trekking will automatically provide your mind a sense of relaxation and calmness. This state of mind enables you to think more wisely about yourself and the people around you. Peace and tranquility will provide you enough time to judge your problems and obstacles in life and solutions to overcome.

6. Feeling of giving

A wise man said, “There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone.” Your Trekking in the Himalayas can generate lots of work for the locals, which directly helps them make a living and empower their families.
A country like Nepal, which is just rising from the 2015-devastating Earthquake, trekking brings lots of hope and smile on people’s face. As you see the smile on your guide, porter, and the locals, you feel blessed with what you have received and satisfied with what you have given.

7. Building of Confidence

Trekking has a great potential to boost self-confidence.
Each day achieving a 4-6 hours walk in remote terrain, descending deep gorges, and ascending steep hill will boast a new confidence level within you.
You will be so much impressed by your capability, which you have not experienced yet. Reaching a new height (altitude) and breaking the records can dramatically boost one’s willpower and subsequently make one feel proud of oneself.

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2 thoughts on “7 Trekking Benefits You Need to Know

  1. True. Trekking should be part of our life. Trekking is also giving us to courage to cop up with situation and increase empathy too.
    Nice article.

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