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Trekking in Nepal

Have you ever dreamt of going trekking in Nepal?  

If you have never done trekking in Nepal, you certainly missed a magical experience in your life. Many people assume one needs to be physically fit and have a long holiday trekking in Nepal.  But, the truth is that there are so many choices for trekking in Nepal: 

  • Easy and short to difficult and strenuous 
  • Family-friendly trekking or plan with a friend 
  • As part of a group or a customized private trek 
  • Sleeping in lodges or experiencing sleep in tents off-the-beaten paths 

Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations for its glorious Himalayan mountains, stunning landscapes and the loving hospitality of the local people. Hence, you can make your choice according to your ability, time, and interests like Camping Trekking, Lodge Trekking, or Family Trekking, and we sketch for you! 

Let’s disconnect for a while and embark on a lifetime experience. Discover some of our following packages as suitable for you, or do not hesitate to contact us for a customized trip. We are happy to advise you by phone or email

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