Trekking in the Himalaya

Trekking in the core of the Himalaya


The mystical Himalaya has lured the world for an adventure since the early 19th century. The trekking originated because the explorers had a keen interest in measuring the mountains and sketching the maps. But later gradually it became famous as an adventure holiday. Himalaya is the most exotic trekking destinations in the world due to its vast diversity in the landscape. Standard trekking begins at 800 meters elevation and touches 5500 meters altitude. Hence due to variation in the height, the scenario, people, culture, and agriculture are different each day, which makes entire trekking fascinating and exciting.

Besides nature, numerous studies have shown that trekking can bring various personal benefits, physically, mentally, or spiritually. To get away a couple of days from civilization and go trekking in nature can be a life-changing experience.


There are two ways to organize a Trekking: one is a “lodge” style and the other is a “camping” style.

The “lodge” style essentially consists of eating and staying in lodges, small traditional mountain inns. Some treks in Nepal such as the Everest base camp trek, Gokyo trek, Manaslu trek, Nar-Phu trek, Mustang trek are famous.

While a “camping” style means trekking with a local team which mainly consists of a trekking guide, a kitchen team (cook – kitchen boys) and porters. The WILD YAK Team sets up the camp and the kitchen team prepares and serves delicious meals. The participants sleep in tents and take their meals in the mess tent in the middle of the wilderness.

The WILD YAK Team is committed to organizing responsible and original treks in both styles. The trekking programs mentioned below are outlined by professionals with the utmost care for our participants, locals and nature.


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