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Women Trekking

Women Trekking – Nepal

How many times I have heard “this is not for me”, “I am physically not strong enough”, “I am afraid to hold others back”, “I do not want be the only solo woman”, … There could still be many other examples. This is how I came to the idea to propose something special just for women! A unique living-changing and hearth-opening experience.

Besides encouraging each other to step out of our comfort zone, our Journeys are also aimed to connect with local women to make a positive impact and create an authentic experience.

As co-founder of Wild Yak Expeditions and sharing my time between the Swiss Alps and the Himalaya, I have the flexibility to be creative and design a unique experience that perfectly fits your needs and interests.

Ready for a Women Adventure in the Himalaya? Then, open your agenda and let you guide on the trekking paths of Nepal.

Contact me by phone or email. I will be happy to share my expertise with you!

Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann

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