Trekking types in nepal  part 2:


Lodge style Trekking in the Himalaya:

  1. A Lodge is the typical mountain inn that you find on many trekking routes in the Himalaya;
  2. When you apply for a “Lodge Trekking”, it means that you can complete the entire Trekking days by staying in the evening in the lodges;
  3. The Lodges can be differentiated into 4 categories: i) modern, ii) standard, iii) authentic and iv) luxury (see below);
  4. In the majority of the lodges, you can enjoy all kind of foods made in the Nepali way and drinks, from Swiss Roasti to steak, hamburger, apple pies to Snickers rolls, expresso to cappuccino and fruit juices, depending on the region where you travel;

The different categories of Lodges:

Modern Lodges

The modern lodges are mainly found in the Khumbu, the well-known Everest Region on the classical Everest Base Camp and Goyko Trekking routes. The modern lodges are strongly built and the trekkers can enjoy various meals, delicious coffee and even in most of them access to Wifi. As in the other Lodges that are described below, only the common dining room is heated at some time of the day, mainly in the evening or late afternoon, and in most of them the toilets and shower are common.

Standard Lodges

The standard lodges are mainly found in regions like Langtang and Annapurna. All kinds of food are served but the facilities and offers are less than in the “Modern Lodges”.

Authentic Lodges

The authentic Lodges are mainly located on the following Trekking routes: Manaslu circuit, Tamang Heritage Trek and Mardi Himal, in these regions where tourism business has started later without the same facilities as elsewhere but where the locals are working hard to improve them. The Trekking paths, which are main communication means between the different villages are mostly not very well maintained and might be at some stages tough.

Luxury Lodges

Luxury Lodges are essentially found in the Khumbu, the famous Everest Region. The Lodges are comfortable and providing all kind of facilities, including heated beds and delicious meals.

In general, staying in Lodges while trekking, in particular when talking about the three first aforementioned categories, is costing less than taking the whole infrastructure of a Camping Trekking but is also more crowed. Last but not least, the majority of the Lodges are friendly and easily accessible on the main Trekking routes.

Norbu Sherpa, co-founder of Wild Yak Expedition

Above were the brief description of trekking types in nepal part 2.In our 3rd Part, you will find more about “Camping Trekkings”!

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