Trekking types in Nepal – Part – I

Early 1900th Century, explorers very fascinated in sketching some new route maps, discovering new mountains and valleys they were travelling with all their basic needs that was required for the Journey, including many porters. That’s how trekking adventure was introduced. Trekking itself had no specific definition but literally meant “long and hard journey”. It is often not the case anymore these days.

Since from last few decades, trekking became a very popular outdoor adventure sports among people. Numerous studies have shown that doing a trekking can bring various personal benefits, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. In the cities, we are indulged in hectic life where our brain has no time to rest and is always mingling between social Medias, negative news, politics, etc.

Days are passing. Time moves so fast that we forget to appreciate the present moment. We forget to convey sincere gratitude for what we have, and finally, we forget ourselves completely. We turn sometimes our life so seriously, but at the end, for nothing. It is thus very important to make a gap from the demanding routine and take some time for one self to enjoy the silence of the nature, the beauty of the snowcapped peaks, the deep gorges, the milky rivers and meet amazing people. Getting away for a couple of days from the modernized civilization and making a trekking somewhere in the nature can be life changing experience! Getting away from your mobile phone, text messages, notifications of social Medias, emails, unwanted negative talks and other news will slowly calm your mind down and automatically inspire you to enjoy the moment by bringing positivity in your thoughts and new energy towards life. Last but not least, it can also bring new prospective about living your life or new exciting ambition.

When it comes to Trekking, I am frequently asked one question “How should we do trekking?” or “What kind of trekking is it?” In the Himalaya, Trekking can be done in two ways: one is the “Lodge Trekking” and another is the “Camping Trekking” which we also call the classic style of trekking.

Norbu Sherpa, co-founder of WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS

Follow us for our 2nd Part, where you will know more about “Lodge Trekking”.

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