A relaxed Trekking is not possible without appropriate travel and cancellation insurance. Accordingly, it is a condition for joining any Trip of WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS to be duly protected against comprehensive expenses that might occur due to medical issues, trip cancellation because of natural disaster or other reason, accidents (mountain rescue, helicopter evacuation and medical expenses shall be covered).

Please note that we DO NOT arrange or sell any insurance.

In the event of any sickness or injury, the costs of emergency and evacuation might be considerable. Therefore, travel insurance is mandatory for everyone who signs up with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS and a copy of your policy should be submitted to the WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ office with your Application Form.

Please note that we recommend you to be careful while choosing a policy as some insurance companies make special exceptions for adventure travel/climbing. Before contracting your insurance make sure that the insurance company is aware of the WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ itinerary which you are going to undertake and is agreeable to cover all the activities being undertaken in such Trip.

Finally, please firmly check that your insurance policy includes also any trip cancellation, as all deposits paid are not refundable.