The season of the expeditions in the Himalaya is starting slowly but surely. Beginning of April, mountaineers from all around the World will come to Nepal and Tibet with the will to climb the highest mountains of our Planet. Most of them are passionate alpinists searching for some higher mountaineering personal challenges.

An expedition on these giants, would however not be possible without the great support of the climbing Sherpa Community. But who are these amazing humans?

The Sherpa are in fact an ethnical group. Their family name is…Sherpa, “Sher” and “pa” meaning “the people from the East of the Himalaya”, namely originated from Mongolia. They came then to Tibet before settling in the high lands of Nepal, escaping the political troubles in Tibet a few hundred century ago until 1960.

During an expedition on the summits of the highest mountain chain in the World, their role is to fix the ropes in the most technical parts of the climbing route, to carry the loads of the collective material, to set up the different camps, and last but not least, bring an unevaluable support to the mountaineers from all around the World by guiding them to the summit of these Giants of the Himalaya, and back to Base Camp.

At the time of the first expeditions in the Himalaya at the end of the 19th century, the Sherpa were chosen by the British expedition leaders for their loyalty, strength and devotion.

Except a very few percentage of exceptional alpinists, such as Reinhold Messner, Ueli Steck and a few others, one cannot say as a mountaineer to have climbed an 8000-meter peak in the Himalaya without mentioning the Sherpas!


Role of climbing Sherpa
Role of climbing SherpaRole of climbing Sherpa

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