The New Implementation for the WILD YAK Team

The situation of the Guides and Porters in the Himalaya

In order to get a good and trustful relationship with your employees some general principles are applicable. Building solid relations for lasting success is one of them. In addition, you need efficient rules and regulations from the government side. The aim is further to set up a public health system that can last for everyone until the old age. This is the role of the government but which can also be improved by the companies.

How is the situation in Nepal?

Specific rules and regulations in the field of public policy, health, insurances, salaries and good facilities exist in Nepal. Unfortunately, they are in general not properly implemented by the different companies in favour of their employees.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS 4 new implementations for our Team

  1. Special provident fund

We have established this fund on a special account for the time when one member leaves the company. The calculation is made pro rataof the duration of the working relationships.

  1. Payment of taxes

Each member of our Wild Yak Team pays an official tax from his salary to the government. The aim is to support the progress of the new government in Nepal and at the same time make each member responsible towards its country. An important step for the Nepalese citizens.

  1. Emergency fund

From each of our Trip, an amount is spent to our emergency fund. This fund helps the family of our Team member in case of emergency. The money is then lent according to certain criteria.

  1. Support of kids from our Team

With the help of our non-profit organisation “The Butterfly Help Project”, we support with each Trip organised by Wild Yak Expeditions our Team member who cannot support properly all of his kids. Wild Yak Expeditions is proud to say that we could select 2 staff members whose kids will be supported by “The Butterfly Help Project”.

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