Many people dream to discover one day the Himalayan paths but are feared to finally make the step due to lack of physical preparation. But what does it mean to get physically prepared for a trekking in the Himalaya?

First of all, it depends on the type of trekking that you choose, but also on your basic condition. Your booking is the first step to prepare mentally and force you to get ready for your Trip.

The important part to fully enjoy your journey to the Himalaya is a careful preparation. The WYE Team recommends to start with the planning and preparation several months prior your departure to the Adventure. It is not only a way to get physically ready but also to immerse yourself for this great Himalayan experience.

As second part, regular cardio exercise, whether by hiking, running, bicycle, is the prime focus. Regularity before quantity. It is not necessary to be an elite athlete for such Journeys.
Hiking in the Alps at least at 3000 meters above sea level and sleep one or several (even better) night(s) in a mountain will increase your confidence besides starting your acclimatization.

Healthy food with daily large ingestion of natural vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables will strengthen your metabolism. Sufficient sleep will provide you with the necessary resources to overcome the tiredness of the daily efforts you going to make. Main meals during trekking are based on carbohydrates such as local rice and potatoes, as well as pasta. Protein and vitamins consumption might be less. Accordingly, it is necessary to adapt your food habits and it is also worth to take some vitamins supplements with you.

Get ready for some long days of hikes until 8-9 hours, in particular while crossing passes according to your programs. We would highly recommend to go once or twice a week for a 5-to 6-hour hike. To fully enjoy your adventure holiday, experiencing good memories, nothing better than an appropriate preparation!

Last but not least, an adequate equipment that you have tested in different weather conditions and for several hours before heading for your Trekking will make a further difference in the stage of your preparation.

The preparation period is a full part of your Journey, so enjoy it as much as your whole Journey :-)!

Let’s Dream Explore and Discover the Himalaya!

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