• Country: Nepal
  • Duration: 21 Days
  • Region: Manaslu Region
  • Max Altitude: 4,200 meters / 13,780 feets
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 People
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Meals: Dinners in Kathmandu, All meals in the Trek
  • Accommodation: Tibet International and Yak & Yeti hotels, Lodges in Trek
  • Prime Activity: Trekking
  • Minor Activity: Cultural and Traditional Sightseeing
Trip Price:
Upon request per person
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Highlights of Trip

  • Introduction of Nepal, its culture and tradition
  • Sightseeing of the UNESCO world Heritage sites in Kathmandu
  • Superior hotels in Kathmandu
  • Campsite trekking experience in an un-crowded and remote area of the Himalaya
  • Stunning Himalayan atmosphere, scenery, culture and traditions
  • Discovery of ancient Himalaya people settlements
  • Amazing mountain flight from Jomsom to Pokhara
  • Importance placed on high quality organization, staff, equipment and services to a small group of maximum 6 trekkers.

Trip Overview

Into the Mystical Valley

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS offers an awesome experience of trekking in the remote Tsum Valley.  It also popularly known as the “Hidden Valley” in the mystical northern part of the Manaslu region.

Until 2008, Nepali government restricted Manaslu and Tsum valleys. The Tsum Valley Trek is an un-crowded great experience in a remote area of Nepal. Its lack of modernism due to its remoteness, enrich the cultural and rich traditional perspective. Unique culture, exotic landscape and the tradition of the people living in this valley have remained intact even though modern life has gripped almost every other place in the Himalayas. The valley is surrounded by majestic mountains, such as Baudha Himal, Himal Chuli to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and Sringi Himal to the North. The Trekking through the Tsum valley is an absolute highlight, with strong, friendly, hospitable people with their Buddhist culture and untouched wildlife, in particular due to the Buddhist hunting ban.


Wild Yak Expeditions believes that an adventure in the outdoors provides various health benefits ranging from physical to mental to spiritual. Himalaya is the best place where we have enough time to discover our life by positive well being. It is essential to make some space from the worldly news, social media and busy life to be productive. Besides personal benefits, it contributes to helping the local economy by visiting the areas.


WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Team welcomes you in the Himalaya. We commit to organize small groups with high-quality services and security. These are essential for flexibility, contentment and precious exchanges of cultures and traditions with our local Team. Finally, hospitality to our Guests and economy to locals are part of our main aspirations.

Discover the magic of Himalayas with comfort and quality that you deserve with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS style.

Map of Trip


Altitude Chart of Trip


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 :
Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m) / Transfer to Tibet International Hotel
Day 2 :
Sightseeing of the UNESCO Heritage sites of Kathmandu / Hotel Tibet International
Day 3 :
Drive to Auroghat (600m), 8-10 hrs / Lodge
Day 4 :
Auroghat to Leding (700m), 5 hrs / Lodge
Day 5 :
Leding to Machha Khola (850m), 5-6 hrs / Lodge
Day 6 :
Machha Khola to Jagat (1410m), 6 hrs / Lodge
Day 7 :
Jagat to Lokpa (2240m), 6-7 hrs / Lodge
Day 8 :
Lokpa to Chumling (2370m), 4 hrs / Lodge
Day 9 :
Chumling to Chhokangparo (3050m), 3-4 hrs / Lodge
Day 10 :
Chhokangparo to Chhule Nile (3370m), 4 hrs / Lodge
Day 11 :
Chhule Nile to Mu Gumpa (3700m), 2 hrs / Lodge
Day 12 :
Mu Gumpa to Rachen Gumpa (3240m), 4 hrs / Lodge
Day 13 :
Rachen Gumpa to Gumba Lungdan (3200m), 5-6 hrs / Lodge
Day 14 :
Gumba Lungden - Ganesh BC (4200m) – Gumba Lungden, 8 hrs / Lodge
Day 15 :
Gumba Lungden to Ripchet (2470m), 6 hrs / Lodge
Day 16 :
Ripchet to Doban (1000m), 5 hrs / Lodge
Day 17 :
Doban to Soti Khola (680m), 5 hrs / Lodge
Day 18 :
Soti Khola to Arughat, 5-6 hrs / Lodge
Day 19 :
Drive Arughat to Kathmandu, 8-10 hrs / Hotel Yak & Yeti
Day 20 :
Leisure day in Kathmandu / Hotel Yak & Yeti
Day 21 :
Departure international flight

Price Includes

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ philosophy is: as much as possible is included in the quoted price so that customers know the total costs of their adventure trip in advance!

  • The organisation of your Journey
  • All airport/hotel transfers in Nepal
  • Superior accommodation in Kathmandu, on a sharing basis, including breakfasts and dinners (4 nights). Additional charges occur for single room (upon request)
  • Guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu
  • All entry fees to the world Heritage sites of Kathmandu
  • Accommodation during the trekking in the lodges on a sharing basis
  • All major meals during trekking
  • A well-trained and experienced local WYE Team: Trekking Guide, Assistant Guide (depending on the number of participants), Kitchen Team, Porters including their salary, insurance, transportation, food and lodging
  • All necessary trekking permits
  • The technical equipment to secure the pass, if necessary
  • Travel and rescue arrangements
  • Communication device in case of emergency
  • First aid kit
  • Weather update
  • Camera solar battery charging device
  • WYE postcards
  • All government and local taxes

Price Excludes

  • International airfare*
  • Nepal entry Visa fee
  • Excess baggage charges for the international and domestic flights
  • Lunches in Kathmandu
  • Travel cancellation and rescue insurance
  • Individual beverages and personal expenses
  • Optional trips and sightseeing, if extended
  • Tips
  • Any other expense that is not included in the quoted price.

We stay at your disposal for booking your international flight.



WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is focusing on group sizes of 4 to 6 participants only for this Trek because our experience have found this to be the best way to have a successful trip while providing excellent services. Furthermore, it creates a pleasant ambiance within the Group, including an exchange of cultures and traditions with our local Team.

Last but not least, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ focus on small groups permits more flexibility and support to the participants individually.


Kathmandu: we stay at Tibet International and Yak & Yeti hotels on a sharing basis, including breakfasts and dinners. Depending on availability, single rooms can be booked upon request at an additional cost. All dinners are served in excellent restaurants in town where you can enjoy various types of cuisine, from the typical Nepali, Thai, and even steaks and Italian meals. Each restaurant has been screened by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS representatives to ensure that it is of suitable quality for our guests.

During our Trekking: we stay in authentic lodges (small traditional mountain guesthouses) that are recommended by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS as per defined itinerary destination. Please be aware that single rooms are not available.

Our Cook will serve you a variety of delicious meals and beverages. Please note that the individual beverages are on each participant’s own charge, except coffee and the selection of teas that are served for breakfast and in the afternoons upon your arrival with some special snacks provided by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. Lunch packages are also available some days.


The success of Tsum Valley Trek depends on both the personal condition of each participant and the experience of our Team. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Team has been carefully selected according to their experience in the specific environment and personal aptitudes. Our Team is thus highly experienced, skilled, trained, courteous and helpful.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ is proud to support our local staff by providing them with a fair salary, encouraging them to take mountaineering workshops, wilderness first aid training, environmental preservation courses, garbage management, team leadership, and language refreshers on a regular basis.

Our Trekking Guide and his role: WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Trekking Guide is a professional government-trained guide with experience in guiding and trekking around the Himalaya, including first aid training and deep knowledge about the local flora, fauna and general environment preservation. Our Trekking Guide leads you all the way through the trekking and across the passes, while giving you interesting information about the mountains, culture, traditions and landscapes. He will help as an interpreter with the local populations. He is ensuring your safety and is checking your needs throughout the trail, and to the top of the pass, monitoring symptoms of high altitude sickness. Our Trekking Guide plays a vital role in taking care of our member's  needs, supervising the Group and porters, and assuring the safety requirements. He also makes sure that the rubbish is properly managed and the trail is kept clean throughout the whole trekking trip. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS will be frequently informed about the Group during the entire trekking experience.

Our Assistant Guide: has also a government licence but must work as an assistant guide during some time in order to become a company approved Guide. He assists the Guide with all major duties, ensuring the safety and checking that the performance of the group runs smoothly.

Our Cook: WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’cook is a government trained and licensed trekking cook who plays a vital role during the entire Trekking. He has the necessary experience to provide you with different cuisine and bakery. He is highly focusing on hygienic food, clean and best utensils, proper management of the camp and its surroundings. As our Trekking Guide, he makes sure that the garbage is properly managed and the camping site is clean after our use. Last but not least, he is providing you as often as possible with fresh vegetables and meat.

Our Kitchen Boy(s): assist the Cook in his main duties: in the kitchen, by serving and cleaning the dishes, managing the water and taking care of the maintenance of the campsite.

Our Porters: WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS has it own reliable porters. It is their responsibility to carry your luggage during the trekking with proper handling standards.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is very concerned about the porters. We support and respect the porters’ rights and have high standards to make sure that they are treated well. We pay them a fair salary, including a bonus and providing them with good food allowances, clothes, shoes, sunglasses and insurances.


Your safety is of supreme concern while traveling with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. In case of emergency, the Group has a four (4)-litre oxygen bottle with a mask and regulator, along with a first aid kit.

Our Trekking Guide is also equipped with communication means, only to be used in emergencies. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is associated with the rescue and national helicopter rescue airlines.

In order to minimise risks, weather forecasts are provided to the Trekking Guide on a regularly basis.

Depending on the difficulty of some itineraries, our Trekking Guide and Assistant Guide will secure the route using the necessary technical gear, if needed.

Please note that the above-mentioned itinerary information is purely indicative and can likely be modified during the course of the trekking by our Guide, who has the authority to make such changes if it is deemed necessary (due to safety concerns, etc.). Every effort will be made to keep to the scheduled itinerary; however, as this is an adventure travel in remote mountain regions and at high altitude, we are not able to fully guarantee it as it is necessary to take into consideration each situation as it occurs and consequently to adapt the program in its best way. Elements such as weather conditions, health conditions of a group member, unexpected natural disasters, among others, can all contribute to changes in the scheduled itinerary.

Our Trekking Guide will try to ensure that the trekking runs according to the foreseen plan to the benefit of all the participants, but we thank you to be prepared to some flexibility and comprehension if so required.

Please check the degrees of difficulty while choosing a trekking Trip with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. The majority of the itineraries proposed in our trekking programs are in remote areas of the Himalaya and at high altitude, mostly higher than the Alps. A good physical condition is necessary to appreciate the whole richness of this adventure!


Pre-Training before Trek 

Trekking is good for everyone! A daily walk in a beautiful landscape with a consumption of significant volumes of water, chatting with local people and understanding the culture, observing your body limits, all combine to make many healthier your body and mind than they ever have been before.

Before you embark for your Tsum Valley trekking, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS recommends a regular aerobic exercise including some stretching exercises for a couple of hours per week. Ideally you should concentrate on cardiovascular fitness, building an excellent stamina and undertake a bit of strength training to be more efficient in the mountains. It is worth to go for at least once a week for a 3 to 4 hour hike, which familiarizes already your body to sustain the long-time effort in the Himalaya. The fitter you are, the faster and more easily you will get the trail, acclimatise and enjoy the trekking days!


WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS proposes a simple grading system that gives you a first idea of the difficulties of the Trekking for which you might apply and enables you to determine which is the best for you.

TSUM VALLEY Trek: Moderate

A moderate trekking grade takes into account the following factors: 

  • An altitude up to 5500 m above sea level
  • An average trail inclination of about 30%-45%; some sections may consist of loose, sandy, gravel ground and boulders
  • An average of 400 to 800 elevation ascent a day (especially when crossing passes)
  • The capacity to walk easily on glacier moraines
  • A trail, which may be rough paved, loose dirt, slippery, in landslide area, icy or snowy (on some parts you might be assisted by the guides)
  • The aptitude to walk at least 4-7 hours per day (longer days when crossing the passes 8-9 hrs.)

It requires the following skills from each participant: 

  • A good stamina, to be able to walk during several hours at a sustained walking pace in a high altitude environment during several subsequent days
  • You are familiar with assessing obstacles and hazards along the trail, walk confident (depending on the trail conditions, you may need some help in certain sections, especially while crossing the passes)
  • You are able to carry a small personal backpack (about 35 litres)

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