• Country: Tibet / China
  • Duration: 42 Days
  • Region: Utsang Region
  • Max Altitude: 8,013 meters / 26,290 feet
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 People
  • Grade: 11
  • Meals: Dinners in kathmandu, All meals in the Expedition
  • Accommodation: 5* Hyatt Regency, Camps in the Expedition
  • Prime Activity: Mountaineering
  • Minor Activity: Culture and Trekking
Trip Price:
USD 26,900 per person
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Highlights of Trip

Culture and Mountaineering in the Himalaya

  • Introduction of Nepal, its people, culture and tradition before discovering the Tibetan Buddhist culture
  • Guided sightseeing of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu and Lhasa
  • Drive through the highlands of the Tibetan Plateau
  • Discovery of the Tibetan Buddhist culture
  • Fabulous high mountaineering experience by climbing an accessible 8000-meter peak: Mount Shishapangma, 8013 meters above sea level, the 14th highest summit in the World
  • Importance placed on high quality organization, staff, equipment and service to a small team of climbers

N.B. You might have the possibility to combine the Shishapangma Expedition with the Cho Oyu Expedition. Please contact WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS' Office.

Trip Overview

SHISHAPANGMA is the fourteenth highest peak in the World. It is the only 8000 meters peak wholly located in Tibet.


Historically, the last 8000 meters peak was climbed by a Chinese Expedition in May 1964, due to its location and the restrictions on visits by foreigners to this region imposed by the national Chinese and regional Tibetan authorities.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS proposes the ascent of Shishapangma by its regular route. This Northern route climbs the Northwest face and boasts relatively easy access till the advanced Base Camp at 5500 meters above sea level. Shishapangma lies on the north side of the Himalayan crest in south-central Tibet at five kilometers from the Nepali border.

Our Shishapangma Expedition starts with a guided sightseeing tour of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Kathmandu and Lhasa. After obtaining our Chinese visa, we travel to Tibet and drive through the fascinating Tibetan high Plateau until Shishapangma Base Camp.


For the safety, good ambiance, and flexibility, we focus on teams of 4 to 6 climbers and:

  • Supplementary 4-liter Oxygen bottle with mask and regulator is part of the emergency kit
  • 24-hrs medical emergency assistance by a doctor specialized in high altitude medicine
  • Means of communication
  • Good connections with rescue airlines in high altitude emergency
  • Weather updates, in particular for the climbing of Shishapangma
  • WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Team consists of highly trained and skilled new generation climbing Sherpa’s. It includes Alpine climbing, educated, as well as numerous experiences of high altitude climbing. Even more fluent in various languages and last but not least, kind and helpful.
  • Warm down sleeping bag and down jacket are also available for each participant for the duration of the Expedition
  • In general, Wild Yak provides you with the best Safety features. After all, Safety and Security is what we seek for you!


Wild Yak Expeditions believes that an outdoor adventure provides various health benefits, ranging from physical to mental to spiritual. Himalaya is the best place where we have enough time to discover our life by positive well being. It is essential to make some space from worldly news, social media, and a busy life to be productive. Besides personal benefits, it contributes to helping the local economy by visiting different areas.


WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Team welcomes you in the Himalaya. We commit to organizing small groups with high-quality services and security. These are essential for flexibility, contentment, good ambiance, and precious exchanges of cultures and traditions with our team and local guides. Finally, hospitality to our guest and economy to locals are part of our aspirations.


Altitude Chart of Trip

Shishapangma Expedition

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 :
Arrival at Kathmandu (1350m) / Transfer to Hyatt Regency
Day 2 :
Sightseeing of the UNESCO heritage Sites in Kathmandu (1350m) / Hyatt Regency
Day 3 :
Fly to Lhasa (3650m), 1.5 hrs / Transfer to the hotel
Day 4 :
Sightseeing around Lhasa (3600m) / Hotel
Day 5 :
Drive to Shigatse (3800m), 6 hrs / Hotel
Day 6 :
Drive to Tingri (4330m), 3 hrs / Hotel
Day 7 :
Rest and acclimatisation at Base Camp (4500m) / WYE Campsite
Days 8-10 :
Acclimatisation at Chinese Base Camp (4900m) / WYE Campsite
Day 11 :
Hike to Advance Base Camp (5500m), 6-7 hrs / WYE Campsite
Days 12-13 :
Puja and preparation days at Base Camp / WYE Campsite
Days 14-37 :
Climbing period (23 days)
Day 38 :
Packing of Advance Base Camp / WYE Campsite
Day 39 :
ABC to Nyalam / Hotel
Day 40 :
Drive from Nyalam to Nepali border / Hotel
Day 41 :
Drive back to Kathmandu / Hotel Hyatt Regency
Day 42 :
Departure international flight

Date & Price

The present price includes namely a Climbing Sherpa Guides Team with several 8000-meter Peaks successes, the flight to Lhasa and a stay in the famous 5-star Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized Expedition on Mount Shishapangma. The WILD YAK Team

Trip Start Date Trip End Date Price (USD) Activity Book Now Fix Departure

Price Includes

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ philosophy is: as much as possible is included in the quoted price so that our Guests know the total costs of their Expedition in advance!

  • The organisation of your Expedition
  • All airport/hotel transfers in Nepal
  • All ground transportation as per itinerary in Nepal and Tibet (private vehicles)
  • Accommodation in the famous 5-star Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kathmandu including breakfast, on a sharing basis (3 nights). Note: Additional charges occur for single room, upon request
  • 3 dinners in Kathmandu
  • Guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu
  • All entry fees to the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu
  • China (Tibet) Visa, formalities and fees
  • Flight form Kathmandu to Lhasa
  • Guided sightseeing in Lhasa and entry fees to the different sites
  • Accommodation, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners from Lhasa to Base Camp, on a sharing basis. Note: Additional charges occur for single room, upon request
  • All necessary climbing permits in Tibet
  • Tented accommodation at Base Camp (individual dom tent, dining tent, kitchen tent, store tent, shower tent, toilet tent)
  • Tents (with isolation mattress), cooking stove (primus), butane gas and food for the high camps
  • All major meals during the climbing period
  • A well-experienced and trained Team:  Climbing Sherpa Team (1 climbing Sherpa for 2 participants for the Summit days); Kitchen Team with Cook and Kitchen boy(s), including their salary, summit bonus, insurance, equipment, transportation, food and lodging
  • Transport of the collective material and personal luggage until ABC by yaks
  • Liaison Officer (fees, lodging and transportation)
  • Fixing route costs
  • Handset radios for communication in the Mountain
  • Satellite phone (for personal use on the participants' own charge)
  • Solar equipment for light and charging of various electronic devices (as camera, I-pod)
  • Heater and hot electronic shower
  • Medical kit with Oxygen, mask and regulator, in case of emergency
  • Warm big expedition jackets from Wild Yak Gear (on request, at the participants’ disposal for the duration of the Expedition)
  • Sleeping bag for the Base Camp from Wild Yak Gear (on request, at the participants’ disposal for the duration of the Expedition)
  • Travel and rescue arrangements
  • Weather forecast
  • Wild Yak Expeditions postcards
  • Last but not least: a hot bag to be warm in the tent at ABC (if required)
  • All government and local taxes

Price Excludes

  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu *
  • Excess baggage charges and cargo fees for the international flights, including local taxes
  • Multiple entries Visa fee for Nepal
  • Excess of 40 kg of personal luggage for the transport to the Base Camp/ABC, and back
  • Extra night(s) accommodation in Kathmandu (200$) or on the way to/from Base Camp due to early arrival, late departure, early return from the mountain due to any reason which is not decided by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS and outside the scheduled itinerary, or in case of early summit success
  • Any extra night in lower altitude for personal reason (altitude sickness, etc)
  • Lunches in Kathmandu (20$ per day), as well as all meals related to the previous two points
  • Travel cancellation and rescue insurance
  • Personal climbing equipment
  • Personal climbing Sherpa (upon request) **
  • Personal Oxygen bottle (4 litres), with mask and regulator (upon request)
  • Individual beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional trips and sightseeing, if extended
  • Tips
  • Any other expense that is not included in the above quoted Expedition price.

    *Please contact us for the booking of your international flight:

    **To book at the latest 30 days prior the departure date. 



WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is focusing on small groups of 4 to 6 participants for our Shishapangma Expedition because our experience has found this to be the best way to have a successful trip while providing excellent services. Furthermore, it creates a pleasant ambiance within the group, including an exchange of cultures and traditions with our local Team.

Last but not least, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ focus on small groups permits more flexibility and support to the participants individually.


Kathmandu: we stay at the 5-star Hyatt Regency on a sharing basis, including breakfasts to optimize the preparation of your Shishapangma Expedition. All dinners are served in excellent restaurants in town where you can enjoy various types of cuisine, from the typical Nepali, Thai, and even steaks and Italian meals. Each restaurant has been screened by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS representatives to ensure that it is of suitable quality for our guests.

Lhasa to Base Camp: we stay at a high standard hotel and experience real Chinese cuisine with mixture of Tibetan style with a bowl of beverage along with each meal.

Base Camp and ABC: WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Base Camp is comfortable, warm and well organised. Each participant has an individual extra double large tent where one can almost stand to change the clothes (about 165cm high). Light, insulation from ground and an extra large thick mattress with soft pillow are provided for each individual tent.

Our triple skin base Primaloft dining tent is heated at evening (by heater) at both place (Base Camp and at Advance Base Camp) and the ground is insulated and topped up with a Tibetan carpet. Our kitchen is hygienic, clean and equipped with modern utensils and stoves. Likewise the shower tent is facilitated with hot gas (water heater) system with shampoo, shower gel, body lotion and mirror. The toilet tent is big enough to render a high altitude toilet comfortable, equipped with toilet paper and fresh Odinel. A water bucket with soap and hand sanitizer is at your disposal besides the dining tent. Similarly, a store tent and communication tent will be set up, depending the number of participants. Radio, Internet, phone and batteries charging facilities are part of the Base Camp and ABC.

During the Expedition, you can enjoy various kinds of food, from the typical Nepali food to all types of international cuisine (Tibetan, Continental, European, Indian, Japanese etc.) As we provide Oven so the team can enjoy fresh breads and cakes and cookies at BC and ABC, along with varieties of drinks, among others, hot chocolate, coffee and fruit juice. Fresh vegetables, fruits and meat are supplied as regularly as possible from our kitchen. On request, for higher camps, a freshly cooked hygienic food or a packed food (as per condition) can be provided from our kitchen team as well as drinks and snacks.

Light and Generator: Base Camp and ABC are equipped with a solar charging system and a powerful generator (less noise but more power in the altitude).


WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS believes in a high level of security while operating its Expedition to Mount Shishapangma and provides accordingly the Expedition members with all the necessary means in order to optimise the chance to summit Mount Shishapangma.

  • 1 Climbing Sherpa for 2 participants for the Summit days
  • WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS' Team consists of new generation climbing Sherpas who are highly trained and skilled in mountaineering, educated, with numerous experiences of high altitude climbing, are fluent in various languages and last but not least, friendly and supportive
  • Full time Base Camp Manager for the logistic
  • We are flexible and supportive being a small group of climbers compared to other big outfitters which consist of more than 10 climbers in the team
  • First Aid medical box, including 2 oxygen bottles with mask and regulator for emergency
  • 24/24 hours high altitude consultant in case of emergency
  • 1 Radio set per 2 participants during the ascents
  • A 24-hour service based radio station at Base Camp
  • Satellite phone (personal communications on each participant's own charge)
  • Weather forecast
  • Fixing lines by our Sherpa Team, where necessary
  • 1 day workshop at Base Camp (practice of gear technique, radio use, high altitude tricks, mental preparation guidance)
  • 1 day workshop before going to the final Summit push which consists mainly of giving advice for appropriate handling of the personal things which may be effective during the climbing
  • We are associated with the Tibetan Mountain Rescue Team
  • Last but not least, pre-expedition meeting in Switzerland and specific advise on how to prepare for an 8000-meter Expedition.


The success of this Expedition depends on both the personal condition of each participant and the experience of our Team. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Team has been carefully selected according to their experience in the specific environment and personal aptitudes. Our Team is thus highly experienced, skilled, trained, courteous and helpful.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ is proud to support our local staff by providing them with a fair salary, encouraging them to take mountaineering workshops, wilderness first aid training, environmental preservation courses, garbage management, team leadership, and language refreshers on a regular basis.

Our Climbing Sherpas: is a professional qualified Team with great mountaineering experience in leading and guiding at high altitude in the Himalaya. It is the Climbing Sherpas' role to fix the tents, the ropes, where necessary and assist you all the way to the Summit. It is always ensuring your safety and is checking your needs throughout the climbing and monitoring as well as symptoms of high altitude sickness. Our Team has deep knowledge about the culture and traditions of this part of the Himalaya. It is giving you interesting information about mountains, technics, culture, traditions and landscapes.  It plays a vital role in taking care of the clients’ needs, supervising the staff/porters and assuring the safety requirements. It is also helping as interpret with the local population.  The Sirdar of WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS will be frequently informed about the Group throughout the Trip.

Our Kitchen Team: it plays a vital role during the entire Expeditions. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS' Cooks are specialized, experienced and trained in outdoor cooking at high altitudes, respecting the fundamental principles of hygiene and proper management of the Base Camp and its surroundings. The Cook's  role is also to manage the Base Camp in the absence of the Sirdar/Sherpa Team. Different types of cuisine and bakeries are served during the climbing period. Finally, our Kitchen Team ensures that the garbage is properly managed and the campsite is kept clean after its use.

Note: For the present Expedition, the collective material and luggage is carried by yaks until Advance Base Camp.



Before we choose the mountain to scale, we want to know some important details about its climbing route. Considering the experience of the mountain guides and ascenders, we developed a simple system of grading, which may help you to choose the right Mountain to climb up depending on your aptitude. Our grading system consists of 3 levels, which are I, II and III.


  • Fitness: very good body strength, endurance and stamina, high efficiency in the altitude, being mentally very-well prepared to deal with the strenuous situations of the high altitude
  • Technical Skill: advanced climbing skill, able to ascend and descend independently with technical devices and ice axe, good use of climbing gear, basic knowledge of high altitude medicine
  • Climbing Experience: at least a 6000 to 7000-meter peak climbing experience and some 4000-meter peaks in the Alps
  • Strength: ability to carry an 8-15 kg backpack in the high altitude environments
  • Climbing Distance between the Camps: 4-9 hrs
  • Summit Distance Overall: 10-15 hrs from the last High Camp, back to such Camp
  • Number of Higher Camps: 3 camps
  • Degree of Objective Danger: medium
  • Steep Sections: quite long, sections of nearly 50 to 300 meters with a steepness of 35-55 degrees
  • Ice Climbing Section: some parts of 10 to 20 meters and 35-50 degrees
  • Mix of Ice and Rock Climbing: few small sections
  • Altitude: 5000 meters to 8013 meters above sea level
  • Oxygen Level in the Body: 55% to 36%

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