• Country: Tibet / Nepal
  • Duration: 18 Days
  • Region: Tsang Region
  • Max Altitude: 5,630 meters / 18,472 feets
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 People
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Meals: Dinners in Kathmandu, All meals in the Trek
  • Accommodation: 4* Boutique Hotel, Lodges in the Trek
  • Prime Activity: Trekking
  • Minor Activity: Cultural and Traditional Sightseeing
Trip Price:
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Highlights of Trip

  • Introduction of the culture and traditions of Tibet and Nepal
  • Sightseeing of some of the highest Buddhist treasures of the world: Potala palace, Barkhor circuit, Jokhang temple and the UNESCO Heritages sites of Bhaktapur, Swambunath, Boudhanath and Pashupatinath
  • Visit of the well-preserved Buddhist institutes of Drepung and Sera
  • Dazzling holy lake Yamdrok tso
  • Discovery of ancient Himalaya people settlements
  • Great trekking experience to Asia’s holiest mountain: Mount Kailash
  • Exceptional panorama of some of the famous highest mountains of the Himalayan massive: Mount Everest, Cho-oyu, Shishapangma and many other giants
  • Epic flight crossing the Himalaya to Kathmandu
  • Importance placed on high quality services to a small group of participants

Trip Overview

Trek on the Roof of the World

The Kailash Trek, also known as “Asia’s holiest mountain Trek”.  Tibetian calls Mount Kailash (6714m) Ghang Rimpoche (Jewel of the snow). It  lies south west of Lhasa in the Tsang region of Tibet. Mount Kailash is a holy mountain to the Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Bon (the native religion of Tibet) people. The Kora, route of the Mount Kailash trek, wonderfully integrates the spiritual, cultural and physical dimensions of a trip to the remarkable, memorable and fascinating Tibet.

Tour Route

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS trip to Mt Kailash brings you first to Lhasa the historic capital of Tibet. Century old forts, magnificent monasteries, prayer halls with chanting monks, religious institutions and remote cliff side retreats are part of your journey. Besides its Buddhist art and cultures, we are surrounded by exceptional panoramic views of some of the highest mountains in the world: Mount Everest, Mount Cho-Oyu, Mount Shishapangma and many other gorgeous mountain sceneries with their glaciers and glittering turquoise lakes.

The countryside offers huge plains dotted with grazing yaks and nomad’s tent, high passes with colourful prayer flags.
The majestic Mt Kailash route you will share with fellow pilgrims who have travelled hundreds of kilometres on foot to get to Mt Kailash, is a lifetime experience in itself. At last the crossing of the 5630 meters Drolmala pass is a test for both: mind and spirit. It is then followed by an outstanding over land trip to Nepal via the highway of Mount Everest.
You may further enhance your spirit during our short stay in colourful Nepal exploring some of the UNESCO Heritage sites in Kathmandu.


Wild Yak Expeditions believe an adventure in the outdoors provides various health benefits ranging from physical to mental to spiritual. Himalaya is  the best place where we have enough time to discover  our life by positive well being. It is essential to make some space from the worldly news, social media and busy life to be productive. Beside personal benefits, it contributes to helping the local economy by visiting the areas.


 WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS team  welcomes you in the Himalaya. We  organize small groups with high-quality services and security. Which  are essential for flexibility, contentment and precious exchanges of cultures and traditions with our team and local guides.  Finally Hospitality to our guest and economy to locals is our aspiration

Come and discover the magic of Himalayas with comfort and quality that you deserve with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS style.

Altitude Chart of Trip

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m)

  • Day 2 : Flight to Gonggor and a 2-hour drive to Lhasa (3650m) / Hotel

  • Day 3 : Lhasa sightseeing / Hotel

  • Day 4 : Sightseeing around Lhasa / Hotel

  • Day 5 : Lhasa to Gyantse (3900m), 4 hrs drive / Hotel

  • Day 6 : Lhasa to Shigatse (3800m), 5 hrs drive / Hotel

  • Day 7 : Shigatse to Tingri (4100m), 5 hrs drive / Hotel

  • Day 8 : Tingri to Saga (4460m), 4 hrs drive / Lodge

  • Day 9 : Saga to Paryang (4750m), 5 hrs hike / Lodge

  • Day 10 : Paryang to Manasarovar (Chui Gompa) (4570m), 6 hrs hike / Lodge

  • Day 11 : Manasarovar to Darchen (4560m), 4 hrs hike / Lodge

  • Day 12 : Darchen to Dira-phuk monastery (5080m), 6 hrs hike / Campsite

  • Day 13 : Dira-phuk to Zutul-Phuk (4820m), 7 hrs hike / Campsite

  • Day 14 : Zutul-phuk to Saga 6 hrs drive / Hotel

  • Day 15 : Saga to “Last Resort” Nepal (2100m), 6 hrs drive / Hotel

  • Day 16 : “Last Resort” to Kathmandu (1350m), 3 hrs drive / Hotel

  • Day 17 : Kathmandu UNESCO Heritages sites sightseeing

  • Day 18 : International flight

Date & Price

We stay at your disposal for a customized Trip of Mt Kailash Trek.

Trip Start Date Trip End Date Price (USD) Activity Book Now

Price Includes

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ philosophy is: as much as possible is included in the quoted price so that customers know the total costs of their tour in advance!

  • International airfare to Kathmandu and Lhasa in economy class*
  • All airport/hotel transfers in Lhasa and Kathmandu
  • Accommodation in high standard hotel in Lhasa and Kathmandu, on a sharing basis. Please note that additional charges occur for single room, upon request
  • Tibet China Visa
  • All major meals in Tibet and Nepal, except the lunches in Kathmandu
  • Guided sightseeing tour in Tibet and Nepal
  • All entry fees to the monuments, monasteries and UNESCO Heritage sites in Tibet and Nepal
  • All group transportation in Tibet and Nepal according to the defined program
  • Travel and rescue arrangements in Tibet and Nepal
  • First aid kit with emergency oxygen and mask regulator
  • WYE postcards
  • All necessary taxes and travel permit in Tibet and Nepal

Price Excludes

  • International airfare
  • Nepal entry Visa fee
  • Excess baggage charges for the international flights
  • Lunches in Kathmandu
  • Travel cancellation and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses (individual beverages, phone calls, Internet, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge and showers
  • in the lodges, extra porters, drinks and all other personal items)
  • Optional trips and sightseeing, if extended
  • Tips (Guide, assistant guide, porters, yak driver, driver, city guide, etc.)
  • Any other expense that is not included in the quoted price.

We are at your disposal for booking your international flight. 



WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is focusing on group sizes of 4 to 6 participants for this trek because our experience have found this to be the best way to have a successful trip while providing excellent services. Furthermore, it creates a pleasant ambiance within the group, including an exchange of cultures and traditions with our team and the local guides.

Last but not least, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ focus on small groups permits more flexibility and support to the participants individually.


Lhasa: We stay in 3-Star hotels on a sharing basis, including breakfast. Depending on availability, single rooms can be booked upon request at an additional cost. All the diners are served in excellent Chinese Tibetan restaurants in town where you can enjoy traditional Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. Lunches respectively need pay by our own.

All transportation in Tibet are done by private jeep.

Kathmandu: We stay at 4-Star Boutique Hotels on a sharing basis, including breakfasts and dinners. Depending on availability, single rooms can be booked upon request at an additional cost. All dinners are served in excellent restaurants in town where you can enjoy various types of cuisine, from the typical Nepali, Thai, and even steaks and Italian meals. Each restaurant has been screen by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS representatives to ensure that it is of suitable quality for our guests.

During our Trekking: According to our itinerary, at some specific defined places, we settle a campsite and enjoy the meals prepared by our kitchen team. The tents are provided by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS on a sharing basis.  Each member has to bring his/her own sleeping bag; we provide you a individual mattress and a thin isolation mattress for entire sleeping tent.
Considering the roughness of the landscape and the hygienic conditions, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS provides the team with its own cook, kitchen tent, sleeping tents, dining tent and toilet tent with the necessary staff to serve us delicious dishes and drinks. You can enjoy espresso coffee, a selection of teas, as well as Italian, Tibetan and local cuisines except while crossing the passes.

Packages lunch are given on some days. For our clients’ convenience, considering the remoteness of the region, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS provides the lightening for the dining and kitchen tents and solar batteries charging facilities at disposal of the participants.

During our tour in Tibet, we stay in the lodges (small traditional mountain guesthouses) that are recommended by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS as per defined itinerary destination. Please be aware that single rooms are not available. 

The entire restaurant serves mainly typical variety of Chinese and Tibetan cuisines. Please note that the beverages are on each participant’s own charge.


Your safety is of supreme concern while traveling with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. In case of emergency, the group has a four (4)-litre oxygen bottle with a mask and regulator, along with a first aid kit and a 24-hour medical assistance by a high altitude medical team of doctors.


The success of Kailash Trek depends on both the personal condition of each participant and the experience of our Team. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ team has been carefully selected according to their experience in the specific environment and personal aptitudes. Our team is thus highly experienced, skilled, trained, courteous and helpful.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ is proud to support our local staff by providing them with a fair salary, encouraging them to take mountaineering workshops, wilderness first aid training, environmental preservation courses, garbage management, team leadership, and language refreshers on a regular basis.

Trekking Guide and his role: WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ Trekking Guide is a professional government-trained guide with experience in guiding and trekking around the Himalaya, including first aid training and deep knowledge about the local flora, fauna and general environment preservation. Our Guide leads you all the way through the trekking and across the passes, while giving you interesting information about the mountains, culture, traditions and landscapes. He will help as an interpreter with the local populations. He is ensuring your safety and is checking your needs throughout the trail, and to the top of the pass, monitoring symptoms of high altitude sickness. The Guide plays a vital role in taking care of our member's  needs, supervising the team and porters, and assuring the safety requirements. He also makes sure that the rubbish is properly managed and the trail is kept clean throughout the whole trekking trip. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS will be frequently informed about the group during the entire trekking experience.

Assistant guideOur assistant guide has also a government licence but must work as an assistant guide during some time in order to become a company approved Guide. He assists the Guide with all major duties, ensuring the safety and checking that the performance of the group runs smoothly. He is equipped with an emergency first aid kit and walks along with the members  to monitor the group.

CookWILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ cook is a government trained and licensed trekking cook who plays a vital role during the entire Trekking. He has the necessary experience to provide you with different cuisine and bakery. He is highly focusing on hygienic food, clean and best utensils, proper management of the camp and its surroundings. As the Guide, he makes sure that the garbage is properly managed and the camping site is clean after our use. Last but not least, he is providing you as often as possible with fresh vegetables and meat.

Kitchen Boy(s):  our kitchen boy(s), assist the cook in his main duties: in the kitchen, by serving and cleaning the dishes, managing the water and taking care of the maintenance of the campsite.


Pre-Training before Trek 

Trekking is good for everyone! A daily walk in a beautiful landscape with a consumption of significant volumes of water, chatting with local people and understanding the culture, observing your body limits, all combine to make many healthier your body and mind than they ever have been before.

Before your embark for your Kailash trekking, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS recommends a regular aerobic exercise including some stretching exercises for a couple of hours per week. Ideally you should concentrate on cardiovascular fitness, building an excellent stamina and undertake a bit of strength training to be more efficient in the mountains. It is worth to go for at least once a week for a 3 to 4 hour hike, which familiarizes already your body to sustain the long-time effort in the Himalaya. The fitter you are, the faster and more easily you will get the trail, acclimatise and enjoy the trekking days.


WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS proposes a simple grading system that gives you a first idea of the difficulties of the Trekking for which you might apply and enables you to determine which is the best for you. 

KAILASH Trek: Moderate

A moderate trekking grade takes into account the following factors: 

  • An altitude up to 5500 m above sea level 

  • An average trail inclination of about 30%-45%; some sections may consist of loose, sandy, gravel ground and 

  • An average of 400 to 800 elevation ascent a day (especially when crossing passes) 

  • The capacity to walk easily on glacier moraines 

  • A trail, which may be rough paved, loose dirt, slippery, in landslide area, icy or snowy (on some parts you might be assisted by the guides) 

  • The aptitude to walk at least 4-7 hours per day (longer days when crossing the passes 8-9 hrs.)

It requires the following skills from each participant: 

  • A good stamina, to be able to walk during several hours at a sustained walking pace in a high altitude environment during several subsequent days 

  • You are familiar with assessing obstacles and hazards along the trail, walk confident (depending on the trail conditions, you may need some help in certain sections, especially while crossing the passes) 

  • You are able to carry a small personal backpack (about 35 litres)


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