The landscape of the hilly regions of Nepal in front of our eyes. The road is often under construction. The heat is warming up the sleepy minds.

The change of culture is obvious and fascinating. The chaotic Kathmandu with its thousand colours and dust is far in our memories. The road goes at its end; our porters warmly welcome us with some head torches. The Pachermo Adventure has started. From the humidity of the lower land, we follow slowly the steepness of the way to get higher in the altitude. The green and luxurious vegetation of the lower altitude transforms to a stunning landscape of the high Himalaya.

We cross small typical villages that still reflect ancestral traditions but where the younger generation chooses more and more the comfort of the cities. Despite the roughness of the climate and life conditions, the villagers are working hard in their fields to preserve and take care of their small harvest. On their faces, the lightening of a nice smile. The higher we go, the thinner the air gets and the closest we see the stars in the night. We enjoy our off-road Adventure where we meet only few other tourists but many beautiful yaks. Above us, the snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

The days are rhythmed by the discovery of the impressive panorama around us, the delicious meals prepared by our Cook Ang Khami, the smiles of our great Wild Yak local Team and the installation at the end of the day of the different campsites in the wilderness of the Rowaling Valley. From the lower lands full of humidity to the high Himalayan Tashi Lapsa Pass at 5755 meters above sea level, the climb of Yalung Ri (5630 meters) and the Pachermo Peak (6273 meters) climbing attempt (interrupted due to bad conditions of snow), the Journey is fantastic and the efforts rewarded by the fabulous scenery. A cappuccino at our arrival in Namche, the capital of the Everest Region, brings us back to reality and the civilisation. But our minds are still subjugated by the wonderful off-road Adventure we just enjoyed.

Congratulations and Danyabath to the entire Team!! What a Team Tashi Delek and see you in the Himalaya again!


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