Did you ever wonder whether you are sufficiently trained for a Trip to the Himalayas? These altitudes which naturally force respect. Mostly off the beaten tracks where rescue may be difficult to access. Hence the importance of choosing the right tour operator for such an Adventure!

Every season, many trekkers or mountain people suffer, and sometimes die, from pathologies related to altitude, cold or travel in hostile environments. Most often it is a complication of mountain sickness, cold or an exotic travel disease. Sometimes, it is one or more pre-existing diseases that decompensate, an unknown fragility or a genetic incompatibility at altitude.

To face this phenomenon, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is pleased to announce its partnership with the specialized doctors of Mountain Medicine based in Switzerland and France.

We therefore strongly suggest that anyone wishing to register for one of our trips and who is still hesitating, to make an appointment for a preventive consultation / teleconsultation with a doctor specializing in altitude pathologies: https://www.docconsulte.com/altidoc/

Thus, as of May 1, 2019, each participant enrolled in one of our programs with at least one night above 3500 meters of altitude automatically benefits, for the duration of your trip, from membership in the SOS MAM medical service (24/7 remote medical advice service).

SOS MAM was created thanks to the support of the two main actors in mountain medicine – GRIMM (Switzerland) and IFREMMONT (France) – and the financial support of Europe (Interreg IV A Franco-Swiss Programme 2007-2013).


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