A small group from Switzerland. With a sightseeing of the capital Kathmandu as starting point, all senses are awakened to discover the beauties of Nepal. From the chaotic Kathmandu, the helicopter brings us to the windy Jomsom. An amazing flight above the hilly regions of Nepal, along the Annapurna range and the holly Machapuchare before getting closer to the impressive Dhaulagiri (8167 meters above sea level). A stunning and privileged spectacle.

Mustang, the hidden Kingdom in the Himalaya or the Region behind the Himalaya. It is located in the western part of Nepal at the border of Tibet. From Jomsom, the trek follows the newly built off-road vehicle track that goes till the border with Tibet. Kagbeni, our entry point in the upper Mustang. The official register is signed by every participant. The cameras are shooting in every direction. Everything is new. Everything is astonishing.

The Journey to Lo Manthang, the capital of the Hidden Kingdom, is fascinating. The game of colours in the different rock formations is playing according to the time of the day. Every morning a long contemplation starts till the arrival in the lodges at the end of the day. The silence of the day is simply broken by the heavy daily wind coming out middays. Accumulation of dust. Buff to protect the faces and sunglasses are necessary accessories of the Team.

At Ghemi, we had the chance to assist to an incredible Puja (Buddhist ceremony), given by a high Lama to chase the bad spirits of the valley and encourage the people of this place in their rough daily life. Lo Tsarang and its 700 years old monastery. A visit worth. Besides the typical Buddhist treasures of the Monastery, more than 175 old prayer books have been saved from the destruction of the old Kingdom’s palace. Each of these books weighs about 15 kilograms and its Tibetan texts illuminates the pages within its golden letters. Once a year, during 18 days, the monks are reading the religious texts to the villagers. At the end of such ceremony, the local people are carrying the books around the village in sign of good fortune. Lo Manthang and its four monasteries, the late King’s Palace and its astonishing caves a few kilometres away. The capital of Mustang reveals the authenticity of the traditions of the lowa people at about 4000 meters above sea level.

Back to Jomosm, our minds are remembering the great experience of discovering a region of Nepal that is still time to see before the development has become too strong…

Congratulations to all the participants! Danyabath to our fantastic local Wild Yak Team who keeps smiling through the days. Thank you for your visit in the Himalaya! Tashi Delek


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