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Trekking in Bhutan

A physical as well as a spiritual journey

In the Himalayas’ heart, landlocked between India and Tibet, Bhutan offers many possibilities for trekking off the beaten track that will leave no one indifferent. Due to the country’s policy of isolation, there is little traffic on the trekking trails. With 70% of its territory covered by forests, it is ideal for nature lovers and a privileged place for hiking and trekking. Throughout your Trek in Bhutan, discover the unspoiled ethnic traditions and Buddhist spirituality.

In the land of “gross national happiness,” you will never leave alone, even for a few days of escape in nature. Our Bhutanese guide and a cook will accompany you throughout your Trek. Luggage is transported on horses or yaks depending on the Trek.

The ideal time for a trekking experience in Bhutan is either in spring, from March to May, or in autumn to take advantage of the dry and not very windy climate.

Contact us for any further information or a customized Trekking in Bhutan. We will be happy to advise you by phone or email.

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