A first step to the Himalaya

with Norbu Sherpa

A proper preparation for your next Himalayan experience

Exclusive workshops with Norbu Sherpa

When going for an expedition in the Himalaya, it means lots of specific preparation and material. Many questions might arise regarding your future adventure in the Himalaya. Once on place, it will too late to get properly prepared.

The co-founder of WYE, Norbu Sherpa was active as Sirdar (Chef of the Climbing Sherpas) in the extreme altitudes, for many years. He will be happy to share his extensive knowledge and experience while climbing on the highest summits on earth.

Whether you go for an 8000-meter expedition, a peak climbing or a trekking, there are many things to learn to optimize your stay in the altitude and enjoy in the best way your Himalayan journey.

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Swiss Alps
Alpine climbing experience


The Allalinhorn is an ideal climb without any major technical difficulties as a first 4000-meter experience.

  • Duration


  • Max. Altitude


  • Difficulty


  • Accomodation

    Saas Fee

  • Per Person Cost

    USD CHF 280 (from)

Swiss Alps
Mountaineering – Alpine Climbing Experience


A two-day mountaineering experience on a 4000-meter peak in the Alps with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS as perfect acclimatization for the Himalaya.

  • Duration


  • Max. Altitude

    4,206m (12,211ft)

  • Difficulty


  • Rating


  • Accomodation

    Swiss mountain hut Täschhütte

  • Per Person Cost

    USD CHF 850 (from)

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