Trekking in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet

Since long time, expedition to the Himalayan Mountains has fascinated the climbers from all around the world; whether it is for a personal challenge or an experience to do something beyond one’s imagination. Expedition to the Himalayan mountain is captivating; why? It is indescribable. Many people think going to the Himalaya is an expedition, while this is not compatible with their conception of travel. Expedition to the Himalaya is the climbing of a high mountain, mainly above 6000 meters to Mount Everest 8848 meters. Such expeditions are logistically supported by a company like us to achieve your dreams.

Booking an Expedition without a proper inquiry can turn into a bad experience, or even worse be catastrophic. It is thus essential to check some of the details before booking, such as:

Technically speaking, expedition to big mountains has become much safer compared to the last few decades. Immense improvement was made not only in the personal climbing gear, but also in the organization in itself. Assessment of weather reports, communication devices, altitude medication and fast helicopter services in case of emergency have become an essential value in the organization of expeditions, and which are all value-added services in our organization.

We believe thus an expedition to the Himalaya is a holiday, and it should be sketched with adequate comfort, quality, and safety. Discover some of our following expeditions packages to the Himalaya. We are happy to provide some customized experiences too.

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