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Let’s start the New Year with evoking the climbers’ excitement. The Mountaineers’ dreams and the passion for reaching the Top of the World must be thrilling through the night.

To provoke a little more the climbers’ enthusiasm WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is organizing a confirmed departure to the world two tallest and exotic Mountains: the Top of the World “Mount Everest, 8848 meters” and “Mount Manaslu, 8167 meters” also known as “Mountain of Spirit.”

WHY WE CLIMB HIGH MOUNTAINS?? This related question has many sophisticated answers, which are beyond once explanations and imaginary. But one thing is sure: practically, human will never fulfill nor settle in certain boundaries, aspiring for the boundless possibilities and needs push them always to look and go higher. Our natural human instinct is at any time observing something betterment for oneself. That’s how the pioneer of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary, once said, “It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

One thing!! Climbing High Mountains in the Himalaya is not at all a pleasure neither fun. The fact is that you pay to suffer, to suffer a lot. But during the process of preparation and period of climbing, you will absorb so many valuable lessons, which you will never learn from someone else but oneself. Mountain teaches mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually about our existence and meaning of our life. That’s how in Buddhism also mountains are given high importance of learning and sacred place for the people.

We the WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS have entirely different perspective regarding the climbing in the  Himalayan and we see the things beyond the typical climbing expedition outfitter does.

WILD YAK founder Norbu Sherpa “THE TRUE HEROES OF THE MOUNT EVEREST” who has 15 years of experience of climbing in the high Himalayan Mountains mainly: Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan, is bound to take the mountaineering in entirely different aspect through which climbers, Sherpa guides and the locals are fullest and equally benefiting.

Long Live the Glacier and the mountains.


Expedition 2017

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