Mount Everest “Goddess of Giving”

The Roof of the World, this mythical summit called Everest, or Sagarmatha (for the Nepali people) or Chomolungma (for the Sherpa and Tibetan people) depending on which side of the mountain we stand and with whom we are talking. In 1865, the Indian Government formally adopted Mount Everest, named after Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India, being previously registered as Peak 15.

The climbing history of Mount Everest started on its north side, in Tibet. For three decades, expeditions from all around the world tried to scale the mountain from the north side to in order to conquer it. They were fighting to be the first nation on top of the world.

After several expedition attempts, on 20 May 1953, there was finally a British success with Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, but from the Nepalese South side, as Tibet was closed after the war.

How does it look like at this altitude? What brings you to the Top of the World at 8848 meters above sea level? The dream of a personal challenge or the beauty of the mountaineering at such altitude? At the end, both are getting just one. Such a climb does not only require a serious physical and mental preparation but also a huge investment of time and money for the considerable logistic to be put in place. Scientifically speaking, above 7500 meters, one talks about the “death zone”, which means that there is no place for a mistake or false judgement. In such an environment, your best Guides and Supporters are the loyal and humble Climbing Sherpas. This amazing ethnical group is making tremendous efforts, sometimes at the detriment of their own life, to fulfil the mountaineers’ dream. The Sherpas’ tasks in these extreme conditions count among the most dangerous works and are often underestimated by the Western climbers.

Thanks to hard work, excellent physical and mental preparation, precious advise and a dose of patience, your dream of standing on the Top of the World can come true too and your efforts will be rewarded by this stunning experience!

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