The personal experience of Andrea Zimmermann-Sherpa, co-founder of  WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS

Before going for an expedition in the Himalaya many questions arise in one’s mind. Besides the logistics issues, you have to deal with you own preparation. Physically, mentally and from an organisational point of view. This is not very different as for the men. But when you know that mountaineering is still mainly a Men’s world, you want to be ready and strong to face such intense efforts.

How is the woman’s body reacting at this altitude? How do you deal with the women’s monthly natural in-comfort at these altitudes? How is the woman body reacting when the oxygen is drastically lacking in the air?

Many questions, but at the end if you choose to go for such an Adventure, you know that you have no other choice than to accept the natural conditions of being a woman, to accept the various hormonal changes that happen every month and to keep in mind that you are lucky to live such an extreme experience in a wonderful scenery. The mind is controlling the body. The mind is controlling the pain. The mind is controlling the mood. So be strong! Women can also achieve fantastic performance.

Let’s discover the beauties of the high altitude in the Himalaya stunning landscapes!



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