From our decade long experience of organizing expeditions on 8000-meter peaks. We would recommend before planning to climb a 8000 meter peak; it is always wise to first try one of the 6000-meter mountains. With this ascent, you will familiarize with the high altitude climbing style, Himalayan weather, local staff, and most important reaction of your own body in the altitude. Based on such experience and knowledge helps you to make the right decision for your next expedition in higher altitude before inputting lots of time and money.


Nepal has more than 1000 Climbing Peaks, which estimate between 5800 and 6580 meters above sea level. Among them, still many are unclimbed and called “Virgin peaks.” A Climbing Peak in Nepal is much more than a simple climbing experience; it is a fusion between cultures, traditions, spiritual beliefs, and the mountain. The whole scenario from hilly paddy rice field to highland potatoes fields, crystal clear rivers to breathtaking glaciers, deep waterfalls to giant mountains, sophisticated city to a summit is a fascinating Journey. A Voyage with the our Guides and Porters who share the same objectives have a healthy mutual respect and solidarity among them brings you a lifetime perception. We believe the adventure holiday has to be a holiday without stress, worry, and anxiety.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS proposes a 6000-meter climbing experience focusing on:

  • Highly experienced and technically skilled new generation Sherpa Guides, who are not only masters in their job, but kind and humble
  • Latest technologies for weather reports, route tracking, and communication
  • Installation of fix ropes in some parts, if necessary
  • The best equipment and updated mountain gear
  • Warm and comfortable base camp with delicious fresh food
  • 4-liter Oxygen bottles, Oximeter (calculates the ration of oxygen and pulse),
  • 24-hours medical assistance by qualified high altitude medical doctors for emergency
  • Pre-departure meeting information and valuable advice by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS Team

We also organize private Climbing Trips who prefer to rely on their style together with their teammates, whether on unclimbed or already climbed peaks. We are happy to be part of it!