Palep Ramche village primary school

After lots of patience and thanks to the great determination of Norbu, Andrea and Norbu got finally the remaining steel sheets that were missing to built the provisory primary school for the 103 kids of the Trekking porters’ village Palep-Ramche.
After 5 hours of driving and a lunch stop in the hotest places (38 degrees), they arrive at destination. Again, to reach this village and to see where these people are living, they feel a strange feeling…the river is so far away down the flanks of each side of the valley and the sky is so high above their heads.
The headteacher together with one of the teachers, and some of the porters, are carefully listening to the explanations given by Norbu with respect to how they should build the provisorary school. In the meantime, the young school kids are surrounding the scene looking curiously at them.
Besides the steel sheets, they provide for each of the 5 class rooms a white dashboard, a notebook and some pen/pencils for each kid. Furthermore, they can provide the tents generously sent by their friend Stephan Keck to 10 of the affected bigger families.
Norbu will go back in about one week to see the work done and bring some food, which constitutes in a daily morning snack and a lunch, during one and an half month for the 103 kids, and some sport games.

For Andrea, this was the last trip to the villages for this season. The heart and mind full of scary and beautiful emotions and remembers, her visa expiring, she will leave tomorrow back to Switzerland.
The aim when she arrived to Nepal last March was to climb the Roof of the World together with Norbu, but the nature has decided in another way. It was finally an amazing time in Nepal during these last months so rich and full of strong feelings and emotions.
Mount Everest is still there…

Norbu and Andrea wish to address a very sincere thanks to their great families, friends and to all of you for your support and generosity! Thanks to you, Norbu and Andrea could manage to help the destroyed local population in some of the most remote areas of Nepal through their recently founded small association “Butterfly Help Project” (
Monsoon is now at the entrance door of Nepal, but their action is not over and will go on.
A very special thanks to Norbu, without whom all these actions would simply not have been possible!

unloading the steel sheets and Dashboard
Tents to villagers
Norbu explaining to the teachers
School kids curious, this time only steel sheets
this boy lost his mother and have a bigger family to look. Thank you to Stephan keck of Austria

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