• Country: China
  • Duration: 24 Days
  • Region: Province of Xinjian
  • Max Altitude: 7546 meters
  • Grade: II
  • Prime Activity: MOUNTAINEERING
Trip Price:
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Highlights of Trip

7000 meters Ski Expeditions in Xinjian province of Western China

  • Discovery of the culture and the tradition of the Uyghur people;
  • A stunning 7000-meter peak with magnificent views of the Pamir, K2 and the Karakorum;
  • Beautiful scenery of the mountain ranges of Asia (Karakorum range, Pamir, Kun Lun and Tien Shan);
  • Historic city of Kashgar and the remains of the silk route;
  • Experience of approaching the Mountain with a caravan of camels;
  • Skiing Adventure in high altitude;
  • Swiss UIAGM Mountain Guide;
  • Importance placed on high quality organization, staff, equipment and service to a small team of climbers.

Trip Overview

“Father of Ice Mountains”

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS proposes the ascent of the Muztagh Ata by its normal route, which follows the distinct flank South of the rocks dropping to the Kartamak Glacier.

“The Father of ice mountains” the translation for the Muztagh Ata from the local Uyghur dialect, is part of the northern ridge of the Tibetan Plateau located in the Xinjian province in Western China. It is in the center of the great mountain ranges of Asia, with the Karakoram to the south, the Pamir to the west and the Kun Lun and Tien Shan to the north.

It has the reputation of being a semi technically straightforward 7000 m peak to climb also with the skis and an excellent stepping-stone for those who aspire to climb an 8000 m peak. It has only few parts, which are technically difficult, in particular between Camp 1, and Camp 2 due to crevasses, the main part of the ascent being on gentle snow slopes. The high altitude, the strong winds, the cold and the long arduous days require strong stamina and must however not be underestimated in this remote and fascinating part of the world.

If your wish is to experience ski mountaineering on the flanks of a 7000 m, then it is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

With a combination of WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ scheme for a thorough acclimatization process and the clients’ lengthy preparation to arrive with an excellent level of fitness, the chance to get to the Summit of the Muztagh Ata is very likely. Our acclimatization process will actually start from Subash at 3600 m, situated at the edge of the Karakorum Highway and part of the ancient silk route and will go on from the Base Camp with the different hikes up and down to our 3 high camps. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS recommends that you have a previous experience on peaks higher than 6000 m.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS welcomes you to Dream, Explore and Climb the MUZTAGH ATA in the far corner of Xianjiang region of China.

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Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1 : International flight, (to Urumqi (China)

  • Day 2 : Arrival at Urumqi, transfer to Hotel, overnight stay

  • Day 3 : Arrival in Kashgar (China)

  • Day 4 : Drive to Subash (3600 m)/Trek to Muztagh Ata Base Camp (4200 m), 5 hrs (trek)

  • Day 5 : Muztag Ata Base Camp (4200 m)

  • Day 6-20 : Acclimatization and climbing period (15 days)

  • Day 21 : Trek back to Subash/Drive to Kashgar

  • Day 22 : Domestic flight to Urumqi; overnight stay at Urumqi

  • Day 23 : International flight backs to Switzerland

  • Day 24 : Arrival in Switzerland

Date & Price

The given prices are per person and exclude international flights. Given below are the departure dates available for online booking. If the given date is not favorable then please contact us and we will happily customize your trip on dates more appropriate for you.

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WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is focusing on group sizes of 6 to 8 participants for this trek because our experience have found this to be the best way to have a successful trip while providing excellent services. Furthermore, it creates a pleasant ambiance within the group, including an exchange of cultures and traditions with our team and the local guides.

Last but not least, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS’ focus on small groups permits more flexibility and support to the participants individually.


Kathmandu: We stay at a high standard hotel (Shambala Boutique Hotel or similar) on a sharing basis, including breakfasts. Depending on availability, single rooms can be booked upon request at an additional cost. All dinners are served in excellent restaurants in town where you can enjoy various types of cuisine, from the typical Nepali, Thai, and even steaks and Italian meals. Each restaurant has been screened by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS representatives to ensure that it is of suitable quality for our guests.

During our Campsite Trekking: According to our itinerary, at some specific defined places, we settle a campsite and enjoy the meals prepared by our kitchen team. The tents are provided by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS on a sharing basis. Single tent can be requested but are charged extra cost (upon request at your booking). Each member has to bring his/her own sleeping bag, we provide you with a thin isolation mattress.
Considering the roughness of the landscape and the hygienic conditions, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS provides the team with its own cook, kitchen tent, sleeping tents, dining tent and toilet tent with the necessary staff to serve us delicious dishes and drinks. You can enjoy espresso coffee, a selection of teas, as well as Italian, Tibetan and local cuisines except while crossing the passes. Packages lunch are given on some days.
For our clients’ convenience, considering the remoteness of the region, WILD YAK EXPEDITONS provides the lightening for the dining and kitchen tents and solar batteries charging facilities at disposal of the participants.

In some places, we stay in the lodges (small traditional mountain guesthouses) that are recommended by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS as per defined itinerary destination. Please be aware that single rooms are not available. Though there are blankets available at the lodges, we recommend bringing your own sleeping bag as the sleeping rooms are not heated. Showers are available at the majority of lodges at an extra cost (3-5 USD).
Many lodges serve a variety of cuisines such as continental, Indian, Tibetan and local cooking. Please note that the beverages are on each participant’s own charge, except coffee and the selection of teas that are served for breakfast and in the afternoons upon your arrival, as well as some special snacks provided by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. Lunch packages are also available some days.


Your safety is of supreme concern while traveling with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. In case of emergency, the group has a four (4)-litre oxygen bottle with a mask and regulator, along with a first aid kit and a 24-hour medical assistance by a high altitude medical team of doctors.
The Guide is also equipped with communication means, only to be used in emergencies. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is associate with the Himalayan Rescue Association and also works with the national helicopter rescue airlines.
In order to minimize risks, in particular during the crossing of the higher passes, weather forecasts are provided to the Guide on a regularly basis.

Depending on the difficulty of some itineraries, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS will secure the route using the necessary technical gear, if needed.

Please note that the above-mentioned itinerary information is purely indicative and can likely be modified during the course of the trekking by your Guide, who has the authority to make such changes if it is deemed necessary (due to safety concerns, etc.). Every effort will be made to keep to the scheduled itinerary; however, as this is an adventure travel in remote mountain regions and at high altitude, we are not able to fully guarantee it as it is necessary to take into consideration each situation as it occurs and consequently to adapt the program in its best way. Elements such as weather conditions, health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters, among others, can all contribute to changes in the scheduled itinerary.

The Guide will try to ensure that the trekking runs according to the foreseen plan to the benefit of all the participants, but we thank you to be prepared to some flexibility and comprehension if so required.

Please check the degrees of difficulty while choosing a trekking trip with WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS. The majority of the itineraries proposed in our trekking programs are in remote areas of the Himalaya and at high altitude, mostly higher than the Alps. A good physical condition is necessary to appreciate the whole richness of this adventure.

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Before we choose the mountain to scale, we want to know some important details about its climbing route.Considering the experience of the mountain guides and ascenders, we developed a simple system of grading, whichmay help you to choose the right Mountain to climb up depending on your aptitude. Our grading system consistsof 3 levels, which are I, II and III.


  • Fitness: very good body strength, endurance and stamina, high effi ciency in the altitude, being mentally very-well prepared to deal with the strenuous situations of the high altitude.
  • Technical Skill: advanced climbing skill, able to ascend and descend independently with technical devices and ice axe, good use of climbing gear, basic knowledge of high altitude medicine.
  • Climbing Experience: at least a 6000 to 7000-meter peak climbing experience and some 4000-meter peaks in theAlps.
  • Strength: ability to carry an 8-15 kg backpack in the high altitude environments.
  • Climbing Distance between the Camps: 4-9 hrs
  • Summit Distance Overall: 10-15 hrs from the last High Camp, back to such Camp.
  • Number of Higher Camps: 3 camps
  • Degree of Objective Danger: medium
  • Steep Sections: quite long, sections of nearly 50 to 300 meters with a steepness of 35-55degrees.
  • Ice Climbing Section: some parts of 10 to 15 meters and 35-50 degrees.
  • Mix of Ice and Rock Climbing: few small sections.
  • Altitude: 5000 meters to 8250 meters.
  • Oxygen Level in the Body: 55% to 36%


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