The mystical and magical Himalaya has lured the world for adventure holidays since Colonel Jimmy Roberts introduced the world with trekking holidays. The word “trekking” was introduced in the early 19th century when the whole world was desperately making research-expeditions to scale new mountains and sketch new maps in the Himalaya. In 2002, Nepal has announced that all its mountain regions can now be explored on a permit-acquisition basis. Since then, Nepal has become one of the pioneer destination for trekkers and explorers. The WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS believes that trekking Nepal and around Himalaya is beyond any experience; besides exploring stunning mountains and glaciers, narrow mystical valleys and picturesque hilly scenario, there  is much to see and observe. We think that while living in the actual sophisticated era, it is important to make a gab and return sometimes to the nature for each’s self-realization, which is primordial for our busy lives. Discovering varieties of landscapes, stunning mountains, colorful prayer flags, isolated communities, authentic traditions but also sincere friendliness of the local people with their smiling faces, restless energies, helping hands towards visitors and their welcoming nature is a precious lifetime experience. Wild Yak Expeditions welcomes you to trekking Nepal and around Himalaya. We believe an adventure holiday has to be as holidays without stress, worry and anxiety.

With this thought, WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is very focused on its expertise and concerned about the perfect organisation of its trekking.

  • Its Team of Guides is composed of Sherpa Guides from the new generation that are highly experienced, technically skilled and speak multiply languages. They are not only masters in their job, but kind and humble.
  • The latest technologies for weather reports especially crossing the passes, route tracking and communication, as well as the best equipment and updated mountain gear are used to optimize the efficiency of each Trekking.
  • WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS believes adventurer must deserve warm and comfortable Camp with delicious fresh food after a tough trek.
  • Medical kit with oxygen for emergency, oxymeter (calculates the oxygen in the body) and 24-hours medical assistance by qualified high altitude medical doctors for emergency are part of our services.
  • Warm sleeping bag and big warm expedition jackets are also provide so; our guest does not need to waste time and money to have one.
  • Last but not least, a pre-departure meeting information and valuable advice by WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS Team

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS brings also its support, in organising private trekking for adventurous and dynamic explorers who prefer to rely on their own style together with their teammates, whether on remote valleys or popular trekking destinations. We are happy to be part of it!