Wild Yak Expeditions founded in 2014 based on the dedication, experience in exploration and the excellent partnership of Swiss quality and the great Himalayan high altitude proficiency. Founder Andrea Zimmermann (Everest summiteer and High-level Athlete) who specializes in International Sports Law. And Norbu Sherpa (Seven times Everest Summiteer) and other numerous 8000-meter peaks (Main actor in the Swiss documentary movie “Sherpa’s: The True Heroes of Mount Everest”) have the vision to enrich the people’s living through encouraging adventure traveling in the Himalaya.


What better way of exploring the Himalaya than local guidance from Sherpa and with the Swiss quality services.

Wild Yak Expeditions is specialized in leading a small group, customized and private commercial Expeditions, Trekking, Cultural and Luxury Tours principally in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim, and India.


After working and guiding more than 15 years in the real core of the expeditions, trekking and traveling around the globe, the WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS founders had observed and experienced the ups and downs of the traveling business.
They committed to found WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS based on new objectives by focusing mainly on the small group, safety, hospitality, quality of services and significantly empowering the livings of the guest and locals. 


WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS main philosophy and aspirations is base on:


  • To provide best quality services
  • More flexible and cooperative
  • Easier to understand the needs and requirements of each guest
  • Create a solitary ambiance between our guests
  • Make it easier to understand the local team and their culture and traditions
  • Local teams are not overloaded and make the trip more enjoyable for each guest

 SAFETY FEATURES “No compromise

  • 24-hours medical emergency assistance by doctors specialized in high altitude medicine
  • Supplementary Oxygen for emergency and first aid kit with Oxy meter
  • Regular weather updates, to assist when crossing high mountain passes and in case of sudden bad weather
  • Trained and experienced Leaders/Guides
  • Radios and Satellite phone for a communication
  • Water purifier in the remote and off track trekking and expeditions
  • Good connections with rescue airlines in high altitude emergency


  • Supporting training, skills improvement and refresher courses regarding mountaineering, rescue and Wilderness first aid training, cooking, and foreign languages for our local team members.
  • Following a fair business policy by paying decent salaries and creating a better working environment for our local team, in particular on their personal, rescue and medical insurances.
  • Wild Yak also Encourage our local team members to attend workshops regarding environmental preservation, garbage management and cultural and traditional preservation so enable them to contribute to their community and generate environmental awareness.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS is very concerned about the porters. We support and respect the porters’ rights and have high standards to make sure that they are treated well. We pay them a fair salary with less weight to carry, including a bonus and providing them with good food allowances, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, rescue and medical insurances.

WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS with its “Butterfly Help- Project” is supporting the children of the dead ‘high altitude workers’ of the Himalayas, by enabling them to continue their education and studies. An amount from each of our Trips is donated to the “Butterfly Help-Project”. Wild Yak Expeditions have supported the building of Shree Janajyoti School in Leptung, Dolakha which was destroyed by the Earthquake. Wild Yak Expeditions is planning to support a building of Shree Palep School in Langtang National Park, which was also destroyed by the Earthquake.